Month: February 2022

Mk 2 rotor

A revised lift-rotor is being made. The original test rotor works well, but was difficult to make. The Mk 2 is intended to be more suitable for production, but is functionally the same.

A new hub body was 3-d printed, and is also intended to be suitable for injection moulding.
But I do not know any supplier who can print suitable plastic to 0.05 mm repeatable accuracy. Any suggestions? So re-finishing of bearing seats has been necessary.

JTC Model Technologies have supplied excellent  prototype aluminium components and steel broaching tools for the new rotor. Their parts fit beautifully,  they are very helpful, and Alice has first-rate command of technical English. So it doesn’t matter that I have zero command of Chinese!

Earlier, JTC Model Technologies also machined wing mounts from blocks of ABS. Although there was some post-machining distortion, these proved to be an excellent way to quickly mount the wings for testing. Strong enough to hold 20 kg  of lift plus road shocks and wind-gusts!